Woods fruit & Veg - We love a new challenge!

Soon, many of the market traders from Darwen’s Three-Day Market will be making the move to the 5-Day Victorian Market, and so, we have invited some of them to write about their move.

My name is Dave and I own Woods Fruit and Veg. We are a family run business, which we took over July 2011 after I was taught the tips of the trade from John Woods for ten years. This put me in good stead, having learnt from one of the best in the business. We started out as my wife, my self and one member of staff. It was a hard at first, but after lots of hard work we now employ seven members of staff, and we’re still growing! Much of the fruit and veg we sell is home-grown or produced locally, with much of it grown at Woods Farm in Preston. 

We love life on the market. Our customers in Darwen are lovely. Some of them have become good friends, and we often receive homemade soup, cakes, pies and lots of other goodies. What makes Darwen Market special is the fresh, local and better quality produce we sell. Our prices are surprisingly competitive, and we all know a lot of information about our produce or products as well.

With the Three-Day Market closing, we will be moving into The Annexe, where the managers office is currently located, sometime in October, and we’ll be open for five days now! We are looking forward to the move, we love a new challenge, and it will be exciting to see The Annexe full and vibrant. This will be good for us as we’ll be able to take on more deliveries and expand the business further. 

In the near future, I would like to see the Three-Day market replaced by an adaptable events space that people in Darwen could use for functions, gigs, Darwen Live, 1940s Day, farmers markets, food festivals, car boot sales and much more. 

There has been a lot of negative press or rumours about the closure of the Darwen Three-Day Market, the same happened in Blackburn when they closed the Three-Day Market their too. I believe the process could have been made clearer to the traders, but I understand that councils across the country are struggling with cut back. I loved the Three-Day Market, despite the state it was in, and many other people did too. But, times change and we must move and make something even better!   

Dave’s stall, Woods Fruit and Veg, will be moving into the Five-Day Market, in the Annexe, in October. We thank him for writing this post and wish him, and all the other traders the best of luck.

Post written by Dave Livesey, Edited and interviewed by Liam Dargan.

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