What? Why? Who?

We’re creating a sustainable vision for our town centre, through collaboration, creative thinking and a passionate team of doers.

What is Heart of Darwen?

Heart of Darwen is a community initiative creating the resources and opportunities to help Darreners shape a thriving and inclusive future for their town centre.

We’re doing this in a variety of ways, such as through workshops, campaigns, questionnaires, collaborations and more.

Why do we exist?

Because co-design leads to spaces, events and businesses that work for everyone.

Starting with a consultation around the replacement of Darwen's three-day market, Heart of Darwen aims to highlight the importance of community collaboration, ideas and opinions within the development of the town centre. We collect data and ideas from people in the town, and then deliver that data to the towns change-makers.

Where we began

Watch this short video, published in 2016 which shows how Heart of Darwen began.

Heart of Darwen supporters

Heart of Darwen is run by volunteers, but we must give a big thank-you to the generous organisations below for helping us exist in one way or another.

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